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Goal #1

Connect Over 2,000,000 innovators in 180 countries

Focus on Social Capital


Geeks Gone Global Innovation Excursions have evolved from simply connecting innovators to a global social capital initiative. Immeasurable is the impact that has come and will come from connecting passionate skilled people to each other. Social Capital is real and Geeks Gone Global is focused on physically spreading social capital to every country in the world. In line with GeniusCorps mission Geeks Gone Global is a catalyst “To accelerate the connection between innovators and resources that improve their lifestyles and initiatives regardless of location or language.”

x 10,000 innovators connected to date


“He who does not travel does not know the value of mankind”

Moorish Proverb

The Geeks Gone Global 180 initiative is the driving force for Geeks Gone Global. GGG Innovation Excursions are designed to physically connect over 180 countries by the end of 2015.  In order to reach this goal, we only cover a country once, making every excursion a unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Goal #2

Generate over $5,000,000 USD for small businesses run by local innovators

Geeks Gone Global Innovation Excursions drives growth into local businesses Almost $8 out of every $10 spent on a Geeks Gone Global Excursion goes to support local businesses in the places we visit. The other 10% goes to build and support GeniusCo sustainable self-reliance projects like Hunter Farms and GeniusCo Sustainable Rural Communities. GGG Plans to drive over $5 Million USD into local businesses by the end of our 180 country initiative and $1 Million USD to revitalize and build rural communities around the world.

80 %

80% of All Fees Go to Local Businesses

X $100,000 to date

"For me, Africa 2014 with Geeks Gone Global allowed me to to achieve the goals set prior to departure. That is, observing, learning and becoming inspired to understand the need for economic self-sufficiency and on the ground methods of achieving it on multiple levels."

Dr. Jawariyah Shaheed, Africa 2014 Attendee

"I’ll be the first to admit I like a great hotel when traveling. During Geeks Gone Global - Asia 2013, we stayed in Guest Houses. My first time and it was the best experience ever! Clean, safe, you meet so many difference people with different experiences. And the trip was not about the hotel, it was getting out and connecting with people. Faruq Hunter & GGG, say No! to 4-star hotels!"

Sutanah Whitfield, VP Merrill Lynch

Goal #3

Create the most extensive collection of innovator interviews in existence.

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Goal #4

Have a really, really good time

A few awesome things we’ve taken in so far


Awesome Pitch Parties


Cups of Horse Milk


Street Bazars and Markets


Meals Eaten by Hand


Karaoke Performances


Motorcycle Rides


Rides in Rickshaws


African Queen Mothers


Very Good Friends

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